Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Showing more moral clarity than Senator Chuck Shumer, pornstar Ginger Lee says Weiner should resign.

Pornstar Ginger Lee appeared with her famewhore attorney Gloria Allred in the hilariously appropriate setting of the Milton Berle room of the Friar's Club today.  The topic on the table?  Her complete innocence on her part of the Weiner Wanger Sexting Scandal.  The big news is that she stated flat out that Weiner "asked me to lie."  That spells trouble no matter how you slice Weiner's baloney.

It's not easy finding a picture of Ginger Lee that 
I can post on the family friendly Funeral Guy blog.  

Ms. Lee who says she's a former pornstar, now bills herself as a "featured dancer" in "nightclubs".  Oh, dear.  We are becoming delicate with our language aren't we now?  For those of you who are uninitiated in these matters, a "featured dancer" is a stripper/lap dancer and the "nightclub" is a strip joint.  You become a "featured dancer" after you've sucked a plentitude of dick and had your bunghole repeatedly reamed on enough porn DVD's that the horny and the curious will attend a live strip club performance so they can see your vagina up close and personal.  This is not the Alvin Ailey Dance Troupe or the fucking ballet we're talking about here.

Ms. Lee stated that she and The Weiner exchanged nearly 100 emails and Twitter messages for 3 months.  The demure little flower of womanhood said all the communications of a sexual nature were started by the congressman and when they came her way she averted her shy gaze and quickly changed the subject.  But Weiner kept trying to steer the conversation back to his Weiner.  Some of the messages from the congressman were as follows.

"I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package."

"Alright, my package and I are not going to beg." 

You aren't giving my package due credit."

But Ginger Lee didn't want to talk about Weiner's package.  That would be too much like she was at work.  You have to understand, Ginger is not your average blonde porn professional cum receptacle.  No way, Jose.  She wanted to talk policy.  Ms. Lee is particularly interested in the politics of Planned Parenthood and health care.  Stands to reason.  What good is a pregnant pornstar/stripper/featured dancer and who is going to pay for the treatment of Ginger's various and sundry STD's?

I could be wrong, of course, but I'm beginning to sense a pattern with Representative Weiner.  He is obsessed with his cock. (Insightful, I know.)  In all the exchanges we've seen so far it's always about him and his cock.  Rock hard, my package, big and fat, rock hard cock.  In photos, what's he doing?  Showing his boner, grabbing his junk, cupping his balls.  Outside of one comment to the blackjack dealer about her pussy being tight and wet, he never says, "Hey, I like your tits." or "Wow, you got one fine ass." or "Those legs would look really good wrapped around my waist".   You know, normal guy shit.  I can understand a horny dude wanting to get some action.  Maybe an intern blowjob and some splooge on a dress.  The usual politician quickie sex.  But this shit that Weiner pulled (tee hee) is just way too weird.  Mark my words, Anthony Weiner will be arrested some time in the future for walking around a Middle School with his penis hanging out of his fly.

Gloria Allred and her pornstar traveling circus hit town on the day the presumably angry and embarrassed Mrs. Weiner returns from her road trip.  Would I like to be Anthony Weiner right now?  Not for all the sluts on Facebook.

Update:  The New York Post is reporting that Ginger Lee will be back on the pole at the Pink Pony in Atlanta after her star turn in the Weiner saga today.  Bitch gottsa' get paid, yo!

Meet the press or meet your mom, 
a good fuckslut can dress properly when she has to. 

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