Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yeah, I was born 45 years too early.

As my regulars know the whole female teacher/male student sex thing has been a source of endlesss fascination here.  Especially since it became a recent epidemic.  (I have my own story along these lines that will have to wait for my posthumously published memoirs.  Sorry.)

Anyway, they're at it again.  Amy Cauldle, from Alabama is going to do 3 years in the stoney lonesome followed by 12 years probation for getting caught blowing a couple of her little studmuffins in the car.  Hey, Teacher...Leave them kids alone.  Or at least get a room.  Fucking in cars are for student to student relations.  You're an adult.  If you're going to bang the boys at least do it like a grownup.

    Amy Caudle. 
I can usually go for a redhead, but Amy ain't doing for me. 
Then again I'm not the walking boner I was when I was a teenager. 

Abby McElhenny from South Carolina resigned after it was discovered she was doing the horizontal shuffle with a 16 year old student.

Abby McElhenny.  
This broad took a blast from a 12 gauge freckle gun. 
With a new hairdo and some make-up 
I can see her pulling a kid away from his video game. 

I know the proper thing to do these days is to cluck-cluck and get a big frowny face and wag your finger about this, but I'm sorry, I just can't.  If it was a male teacher and a female student, that's different.  You want to know why?   Because men and women are different that's why.  Fucking...duh.  Has any of the boys in these case come forward, going boo hoo...I'm ruined for life...she took advantage of me and my naivete.  Bullshit.  I would imagine most of these relationships came to light because the adolescent Don Juan was running around bragging to his friends and anybody else that would listen.  I can see where a kid's mom might be a little upset that the teacher was giving her boy a special version of an oral exam.  But you just know dad is silently mouthing a "that's my boy" and "thank god he's not gay."

I wonder about the husbands of these teachers.  That has got to be a whole new level of cuckold hell to hang your head in shame over.  "Ah...yeah, the wife left me.  I guess I wasn't getting the job done between the old sheets, so she got herself a 14 year old.  His penis?  I don't know...big for a 14 year old I guess."   Holy shit.  Just shoot me now.

Click on the article for an extensive overview of this Teachers Gone Wild Fuckery.  Take a good look at the mug shots of some of these cradle robbers.  They run the gamut from Beast to Butterface to Babe.  It always seems that the hotter the teacher the shorter the sentence.  If that's true this bunch ranges from outright dismissal to the death penalty.

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  1. I am laughing at the 12 gauge freckle gun