Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inappropriate gift causes big buzz at school.

The lascivious lady teacher tomfoolery continues with some new wrinkles.  Bi-sexual teacher, a special-ed student and a vibrator.  Lawd, have mercy!

Chery Bremble. 
A sad victim of poor impulse control.
Sex addiction rehab, anyone? 

Cheryl Bremble, 40, who makes Anthony Weiner seem like a model of uprightness and virtue, was arrested after hitting on a female student in the special education program.  Cheryl told the student she was "hot" and regaled her with stories of sex with her boyfriend.  Cheryl being bi-sexual and all.  Trips to the mall and expensive clothes for pedophilic grooming purposes and finally the gift of a vibrator.  (Given during school hours!  Don't let that drop out of your purse getting into dad's car.)  After receiving the buzzing sex toy, the girl received a text from Cheryl urging her to give it a go.  "And don't say I won't try it, cause u will experience something wonderful".  Good ol' Miss Bremble.  Never missing out on a chance to educate.

Bremble, who is divorced (big shock there) and has two children (they're the ones wearing bags on their heads) is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and corruption of a minor.

Are you surprised that a lot of sexting was involved in this fuckery?  How about if I told you this didn't happen in Florida?

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  1. She's an unstable woman who left her family for a new life, couldn't settle for that, and now even screwed over the new boyfriend because he obviously wasn't good enough...