Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Hey...I was just trying out my new snorkel."

Piss, poo-poo, pulchritude and a Porta-Potty pervert peeper.  

There is an expression we men use on occasion when we see a lady with a nice rear end.  "I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from."  I have an associate at the funeral home who uses the variation, "I'd eat her fart box."  Is this piggish?  Oh, yeah.  But, ladies, you have to think of it as a compliment.

That being the case, how complimented must the ladies be at the Hanuman Yoga Festival in Boulder, Colorado?   A person of the female persuasion was in the Porta-Potty getting ready to do her private bidness when she noticed some movement in the tank when she lifted the lid.  Yikes, I'd be thinking snake or maybe a bear or something.   She wisely got the hell out of there a got a man to check the toilet and lo and behold someone was in the tank covered by a tarp.  Now that is a determined pervert with a uncontrollable desire to see female nether parts.  I would imagine the fact that the women are in the process of evacuating is part of the thrill.  The story doesn't say whether the lurking "pee"per was wielding a flashlight to make sure he didn't miss a thing.

A security supervisor waited outside until the suspect fled the outdoor dumper.  The supervisor tried to detain the suspect but off he ran, covered in shadukey.   "The supervisor tried to detain the suspect."  Did he?  Did he really?  If the choice of shooting this (literal) turd burglar is off the table are you really going to grab him?  I'm not.  And I work around gross stuff every day.

One witness said it could possibly be a transient by the name of "Sky".   A transient.  That figures.  You wouldn't want to be caught doing this in the neighborhood you live in, would you?

This was a yoga festival. 
Has anybody checked this guy's alibi? 

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