Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's next? Will Weiner be ordered to stay 500 feet away from elementary school playgrounds?

Goddam it!!  Can't I get away from The Weiner for one day?

So Mrs. Funeral Guy and I are driving through the lovely countryside on the way to Santa Cruz yesterday when the news breaks that the gendarmes in Delaware paid a visit to a 17 year old girl that Representative Anthony Weiner was following on Twitter.  (Yes.  It's as creepy for a 46 year old man to follow a 17 year old girl on Twitter as it is to follow her on the street.)  It appears that the jailbait didn't get the famous dicpic but Weiner did exchange direct messages with the girl and she with him.  One of which quotes The Weiner as saying, "I came back strong.  Large. tights and cape shit." This after the girl had messaged that she "loves" him.  (The use of the word "Large" in context with "tights and cape" and the casual "shit" is particularly creepy when sent to a minor, don't ya' think?)

After interviewing the girl and her mother the police have said unless something else comes up "we have no criminal interest here."  So it sounds like what he was doing was more flirtatious than felonious.

Representative Weiner's flack has announced that he is taking a leave of absence to "seek professional treatment to focus on being a better husband and a healthier person."  Whatever the fuck that means.  Sex addiction rehab?  Marital counseling with the Clintons?  Hiding out for a couple of weeks in the hope that this will all blow over?  Who knows?  The smart money says that Weiner is desperate to hold onto his seat because he's never done anything but politics his whole life and has no business experience or law degree to fall back on in a shit economy which he, in some part, facilitated.  That, and without the cachet of being a congressman what is a dweeby creepazoid like Weiner going to use for pussy bait?  What we do know is that now Minority Leader Pelosi, DNC Head Debbie Wasserman Schultz and fellow democrat NY Rep. Steve Israel have all called on Congressman Weiner to vacate the premises.  One can assume they mean sooner rather than later.  The Republicans have, for the most part, wisely kept their mouths shut in order to let The Weiner and his fellow democrats commit political suicide without their assistance.  Funny how our Commenter-on-everything-under-the-sun In Chief hasn't weighed in on The Weiner.

If I were the the congressman I don't think I'd
want to be photographed with my dirty laundry.

So what about The Weiner's constituents?  It seems he still has fairly strong support.  This is a really liberal district and I can only wonder.  Have they really thought about what this guy has revealed himself to be?  Or are they that morally bankrupt?  Think about this people.  Here is a guy.  A 46 year old, married congressman and father to be.  Your congressman.  He is sending pictures of his erect wanger around unsolicited on the interwebs.  Or, when he's feeling modest he wraps his boner in tight grey underpants.  He has sexual banter and is sexting photos with a woman in Texas who in return sends him photos of her in her bra and bathrobe.  He has hot and horny Facebook fucktalk with a female blackjack dealer in Vegas.  (wow a jewish girl who sucks cock!)  And now he admits he was Direct Messaging a 17 year old Twitter follower with what appears to be flirty and inappropriate talk.  And this is just the stuff we know about.

This is not the dude that throws your garbage in a truck or grooms your dog.  This is a supposedly mature adult who is paid by the taxpayer to keep his fucking head in the game and work on the peoples' business.  A man in an important position that is entrusted with all sorts of confidential information that is important to the economic and physical securtity of the United States.  Anthony Weiner has 19 staff members who we apparently pay to free up the congressman's time so he can preen on MSNBC and shriek his studly anti-rightwing rants that keep all the liberal groupies wet in the panties.  All the better to facilitate more nubile Facebook Friends and Twitter followers.  Yes, your congressman sure is a busy man.

This is not his personal business, citizens of NY District 9.  He's a United States congressman.  His votes affect all of us.  Think about what kind of a man this is.  Is this the best you can do?  Or is it just that you think this is a fun way to stick the finger in the eye of all us unsophisticated rubes who think that a U.S. Representative should maintain a higher standard of conduct than a porn star.  (Or rock musician.)

If you want to make him your mayor, be my guest.   At least that contains the damage.

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