Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner Update: Huma is preggers!!!

The New York Times is reporting that Huma Abedin (aka Mrs. Anthony Weiner) is with child.   Uh-oh.  Now that's an interesting wrinkle.

Questions, questions, questions.

 Less than a year ago, before the dark clouds of extramarital fuckery. 
The Wedding of the Weiners. 

Will the misses make the decision to nest with her hairless pecced hubby?    

The wang of Weiner has been a busy little boner.  When did it find the time?

Will Bill Clinton be the godfather?

Will Maury Povich jump in and say, "Hillary are the father!!"

If a boy will he have a traditional bris?  Just like The Weiner?

Will the birth be announced on Facebook or Twitter?  

Will the baby registry be at Adam & Eve?

If Anthony Weiner has a daughter, what advice will he give her regarding internet perverts?

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