Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm still here. (As are the continuing troubles of Mr. Weiner.)

We have been seriously busy at work.  I'll be writing more as I get time.  In the meanwhile please put off dying for the next few days if you can.  I'm swamped and I'm really not interested in working that hard.

I have not..repeat not... been tweeting my penis to young coeds, or anybody else.

I only know that if someone asked me if I did, I could instantly, honestly and forthrightly answer NO!  Apparently, Congressman Weiner is unable to do the same.  That smells really bad for him.  My favorite Weiner statement of the day is that he "can't say with certitude that it's my crotch".   He can't say that the peenie pic is him or not?  Really??!! How many cock pictures do you have of yourself, Congressman?  Do you need to check through the Phallus File on your computer to see of you have one labeled Hard Dick/Grey Undies?  Weiner's PR flack must be ready to shove his head in a woodchipper.

Like I said before.  I'm not an expert on cyber issues, but I know when a guy has got himself a problem with his wife and some young trim.  And believe me, The Weiner has a problem.  It's also coming out that Anthony Weiner "follows" quite the snizz harem.  Young girls all.  Oh, behave!!!

Here are a few members of the Anthony Weiner cooter constituency.  (Not counting the porn star, Ginger Lee.)  I asked Mrs. Funeral Guy if there was any way I could explain away a similar collection of hot young correspondents to her satisfaction.  I'm paraphrasing, but it was basically, "Not on your fucking life, Buster."

The Funeral Guy is thinking about tweeting his "weiner."
Do you think any young chicks will bite? 

One last thing.  Guys?  99% of the women in the world do not want to see, nor are turned on by a picture of your stupid cock.  Just because you would be thrilled with a snoochie or a titty pic sent to you from a hot little tramp doesn't mean it works the other way around.  If you want to send a lady's heart a-flutter send her a picture of you at a candlelit dinner table with an empty seat.  Caption it "Insert yourself here."  Awwwwwwww, sweet...that's what works.  

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