Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Hot Water to Cook The Weiner In.

We now have transcripts of the Facebook message exchanges between Anthony Weiner and 40 year old Vegas blackjack dealer, Lisa Weiss.  I'm tempted to refer to Mr. Weiner as soon-to-be-ex-Congressman Weiner, because when people start reading this horny fuckery his career is most assuredly over.  The Funeral Guy prediction is that the resignation statement will be released this Friday at 4:30 PM EST.

You really need to sit back, relax, get yourself some wine and read through this whole transcript.  It's actually pretty hot and you may need a cigarette after you're done.  I've never been a phone sex enthusiast.  If I can't actually be there I rather just read a book.  The couple of times I tried it I couldn't help but turn it into a joke.  The whole thing seemed so fucking stupid.  (What are you wearing? Talk, stroke, talk, stroke, oh, yeah.)  Just not my bag, baby.  But Lisa Weiss and the Weiner (sounds like a sitcom or an 80's new wave band, doesn't it?) are real frisky and into it.  And this is Instant Message sex.  Not even a voice. You really should read the whole thing, but the flavor is pretty much what you'd expect.  (Ladies, it may help if you drive the image of the dweeby little creepaziod Anthony Weiner out of your head as you read this and substitute the hunky movie star of your choice. )

Lisa Weiss.  Hot and not underage.  
Has tight, wet pussy.  Loves giving head and swallows.
I'm guessing this info is not on her Facebook page.

The Weiner spends most of his time commenting on his cock and how hard it is.  Only once does he ask if her "pussy is still tight and wet for me, baby?"  There's a lot of talk of "cum" and "cumming" his "hard cock" and does she like it "big and fat".   One of my favorite passages is, "think of my rock hard cock. practice saying, 'god, anthony, I'm coming again."  Get it?  She needs to practice saying that because he's going to make her "cum" more than once.  I'm sure no man has ever pulled off that feat of superhuman sexuality, eh, Lisa?   And you thought Casanova was a smooth talker?

She seems to be quite impressed with Weiner being Super Lib and wants to be his partner in the mighty crusade to kick GOP ass.  Lisa and The Weiner are simpatico when it comes to Republican hatred.  On August 19th 2010 she messages, "idiots i work with love this stupid bitch" (I assume she's referring to Republican Senatorial candidate Sharron Angle) "i ask them all if they will be turning down their social security and medicare...let's kick some gop ass! i hate them!"  She fluffs Anthony's ego with this declaration.  "You are the coolest dem on the planet.  they need to all be as tough as you...and you are damn funny!  keep fighting for the sane people in this country!"  The sane people being 40 year old Vegas blackjack dealers like her with way too much spare time to whore around on Facebook bragging about boning her "fuck friend" since her Web Wanking favorite congressman can't get to Vegas to service her tight, wet pussy.

This query from The Weiner stood out to me.  He asks Lisa, "you give good head?" She replies, "i've been told really doing it"  Then Anthony drops the Jewish American Princess Stereotype--"wow a jewish girl who sucks cock! this thing [his hard cock again] is ready to do damage."  Lisa then ups the ante (get it? blackjack dealer?) replying,  "and swallows every drop. god damn how do I get you here to fuck me?"  (For the record, I've never had a problem with Jewish ladies and their alleged prudishness.  The Jews are always getting unfairly libeled.)

This juvenile sex twaddle goes on and on and on.  Gagging on hot cock, hard dicks in the shower, fat cocks, so fucking hard, you Facebook slut, pussy juice, I'm horny a lot, etc, etc, etc.  Endless comedy gold.

It is one thing to get up at a press conference and admit "inappropriate communications with women."  It's a whole other ball game to read the actual comments.  This is why I say Congressmen Weiner will very soon be ex-Congressman Weiner.  I don't even need to see the picture of his naked hard-on that Breitbart has to make that prediction. (Go here.)  Because, frankly, this is far worse.

Here we have a sitting congressman having dirty sexy-time exchanges (let's put aside all the other snizz he's been talking to) with a 40 year old blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.  Now there's some stellar judgment.  Why, if you can't trust a Vegas blackjack dealer to be discreet, who can you trust?  Anthony Weiner sits on the house committee on Energy and Commerce.  Is is possible that having a guy like Weiner in your pocket might be worth something to some Nevada sleazeball?  A sleazeball that might be known to a certain Las Vegas casino blackjack dealer?   Do you see where I'm going with this?  This is beyond reckless.  Representative Weiner is a dangerous man to have in Congress.

At some point Wiener-wife Huma will probably have to weigh in on this.  Either as a stand-by-your-flawed-man moment (Boss Hillary can give her pointers on this strategy.) Or.  My money is on Huma cutting this shitbag loose.  They don't have any kids (thank God) and what the hell does she need this kind of humiliation for?  It's not like she's going to be riding Anthony's skyrocket up the political power ladder.  I would suspect that just like Tiger Woods more trollops are going to appear now that the gravy train is filling up and Huma ain't gonna put up with the bullshit of an endless poon parade.

Meagan Broussard.  Single mom with nice titties.  
Congressman bait?  You betcha'!!

One last word on the women on the other end of these Cellphone/Facebook/Twitter/Whatever The Fuck sexcapades.  I'm not so sure we should be so quick to let these broads off the hook.  Weiner is a dirtbag but a famous dirtbag.  A famous liberal.  I'm sure that was part of the attraction.  It wasn't a big secret the congressman was married.  Meagan Broussard, the 26 year old that he was Facebook flirting with knew he was attached.  Last night Hannity kept referring to her as a "young girl".  Fucking hell, Sean.  Ex-army, single mom and 26 years old.   Let's not act like she's a 16 year old runaway that got roped in by a pimp at the bus station.   She tweeted him a photo of herself in her bra and bathrobe.  We live in a culture where there is no shame in being a starfucker and it still takes two to Tango.

I want to see a woman come forward with a story where Anthony Weiner started a cyber seduction and got the reply. "I don't care if you're a fucking congressman or not.  You're a creep and a pervert.  Don't tweet me.  Unfriend me. Don't contact me.  And if you send me another picture of your stupid hard-on, I'm calling the FBI."

I'll be waiting to see that thread with bated breath.

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