Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy ending for her (and us). For him? Not so much.

One can only hope that before death you have a chance to make yourself right with your creator.  It doesn't look like Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez had the chance and was probably somewhat surprised and nervous when he found himself at the Pearly Gates having to explain himself.

Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez. 
When you do really bad stuff they always use your full name.  
Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez did really bad stuff.

You see Señor Gutierrez was in the process of raping a 77-year old Rivoli, Texas woman when he rolled off of her complaining that he wasn't feeling well.  Why he thought that his victim would give a shit about his discomfort is not known.  Mr. Degenerate Reprobate then fell into unconsciousness and went up into the big bright light.

Gutierrez was on parole at the time of the rape for aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a 7-year old.  So I guess he decided that maybe seven was a little young so he decided to become a granny raper.  And this piece of dogshit was out of prison and walking around?  Why?

Let's hope that Gutierrez didn't darken Heaven's Door for long until he was sent down for his Eternal Rape by Flaming Pitchfork.    

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