Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sad News...

Trouble, the 12 year old female Maltese pet pooch of hotelier/tax cheat/ex-con Leona Helmsley has died.  A bitch that was owned by a nasty fucking bitch.  Trouble was 84 in dog years.

Trouble was originally left 12 million samollians in Leona's will, while some of the human relatives got jack shit.  (Haha...that'll teach you to sit on Auntie's lap and lick her face.)  A judge later reduced the amount to 2 million.  Still.  That buys a lot of doggie caviar.  Leona wanted Trouble to be interred with her in the family mausoleum, but that is a no-no even for a rich bitch like Leona Helmsley.


I'm assuming Trouble died of natural causes.  A coddled canine like Trouble is not running around in traffic or riding in the shopping cart with a homeless guy.  I trust a thorough investigation was done.  Since the question always arises.  Who would benefit from Trouble's death?  A greedy nephew or jealous grandchild perhaps?  I believe all avenues must be explored before the Death Certificate is issued.  

On a personal note:  Mrs. Funeral Guy and I are the proud owners of two Maltese males.  Loyal, wonderful and completely spoiled dogs.  Mrs. Funeral Guy hardly ever lets their feet touch the ground.  However, they will not be inheriting any money when we shed the mortal coil.  
Mrs. Funeral Guy and Cosmo.
Spike preferred not to be photographed
since he is wanted by the police. 

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  1. APB: Spike: Wanted for excitable peeing in unacceptable locations and for inappropriate hair eating habits.
    Mrs. Funeral Guy