Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dead baby Justin has two mommies.

What's worse than stealing credit cards from mourners at a cemetery?  I'm not sure I know, but faking a dead baby funeral has got to be near the top of the list.

Tiffany Lyon, 27, and Chastity Doll, 20 (is that a pornstar/stripper name, or what?) were arrested in Modesto, California after begging money from strangers using a fake baby funeral as a ploy.  Where you might think twice about giving some cash to a couple of skeevy looking white trash street tramps, a dead little baboo is sure to tug the heartstrings and open the wallet.

Tiffany Lyon and Chastity Doll. 
Tiffany is kind of beat, but Chastity could be hot 
if she cleaned up and settled on a hair color. 

One of Modesto's finest got suspicious when questioning the two ho's about where the baby died, who was the doctor and the baby's birthplace.  Since these two dumbass grifters never cut through the drug fog to coordinate some plausible details the officer quickly saw through the ruse and put the two in cuffs after a quick call to the coroner yielded no dead baby report.

Not only is this baby not named Justin Michael Farrell, 
he's not even dead as far as we know.  
He's just a generic internet infant 
innocently drawn into a web of fraud. 

Tiffany and Chastity were charged with fraud and conspiracy and released on bail.  The weekend take?  About $700 bucks.  Or about two days worth of meth for a couple of tweakers with a reasonably heavy habit.  The police are donating the purloined cash to charity.  May I suggest Showers For Street Skanks.

No other reason for this photo other than 
I just love this Faces of Meth Guy. 

Full disclosure:  I have no proof that meth contributed to this fuckery in any way.  But, come on, let's be adults here.  By the way, meth in Modesto yields 719,000 Google hits.  

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