Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's all fun and games until your dirty talk gets you in trouble.

CBS Las Vegas is reporting that Anthony Weiner's Facebook Fucktalk Buddy, Lisa Weiss, has been suspended from her blackjack dealing job at the Bellagio Casino.   Reportedly, the casino was being disrupted by reporters looking for interviews.  According to the story Lisa is not happy.

So.  A casino in Las Vegas has higher standards for their employees than the United States House of Representatives.  Again.  A Las Vegas blackjack dealer exchanges sexually charged chats with a married congressman  ("god damn.  how do I get you here to fuck me?").    She gets suspended from work for essentially bringing unwanted publicity to an establishment that is in the business of separating folks from their hard earned money through the vice of gambling.  Come to think of it, isn't that what Congress does?  Without the fun of the bright lights, cheesy entertainment and the bing-bonging of the slot machines, of course.

Lisa Weiss.  By her own admission has a tight, wet pussy, 
loves sucking cock, is really good at it and also swallows.  
Hmmmm, is there possibly another occupation in 
Las Vegas that could use those employable skills?   

Representative Weiner, on the other hand, recklessly tweets suggestive messages to numerous young babes on the internet.   In addition he sends a photo of his baloney pony.   Does Representative Weiner intend to resign?   Nooooooo, he's going to "go back to doing the work that he was elected to do."  Which hopefully doesn't include frittering away most of his time talking about his rock hard cock to Facebook and Twitter skanks and sending the photos to prove that his cock is indeed hard and ready for action.  Is The Weiner being forced out?  Behind the scenes maybe.  Has there been a full throated public cry from the majority of his fellow Democrats of "Hey, Anthony, get the fuck outta here.  And now would be good."  I haven't seen it.

But Lisa Weiss?  You're suspended.  (As in, most likely soon to be fired.)  But don't worry, Babes.   You're one of the 12.5% of Nevadans out of work.  You've got lots of company.  Apply for unemployment.  I'm sure your favorite Weiner voted for all the extended benefits.  (Tee hee.)

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