Monday, October 5, 2009

You've heard of a hanging we have a spanking judge...naughty, naughty.

Here come 'da judge.  Here come 'da judge.  
Now it's your turn for some hanky spanky.

When a criminal is found guilty at trial the judge is there to sentence the miscreant.  Well, former Alabama Circuit Court Judge Herman Thomas liked to be more of a hands-on judge.  Story here.  And by that I mean Judge Thomas would make certain prisoners come to his office so they could submit to a spanking administered by the Judge himself.  Oooooh, in their tighty whiteys, I bet.  And, surprise surprise there was sex, sodomy, assault and all sorts of other gooey stuff going on.

The judge's attorney says the accusers are all "lying felons."  That very well may be, but there are 15 of them so by sheer numbers the judge's goose may be cooked.

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