Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And some say that public defenders usually aren't worth shit.

Some African Irish guy by the name of Weusi McGowan (??!!) got slammed in a San Diego court with 31 years on a robbery beef yesterday.  Normally this sounds a little harsh by today's perp coddling California standards until you read a little further in the story to find that the request for the victim's money was accompanied by a slam to the head with a rock in a sock.

Even with these details this hardly rates a headline in a high crime populous state like California.  It was Weusi's behavior at the beginning of his trial that made him stand out in the crowd.  You see, Mr. McGowan becomes a bit unhinged without his meds.  So when things weren't going quite the way our defendant wanted he took some of his poo that he had hidden in a baggie and smeared it on his lawyer and flung the rest at the jury.  Luckily none of the jurors were struck by the crap missile although one had his computer case befouled.  (McGowan was ordered to pay $129 in restitution.  At the very least, I say!)

 Weusi McGowan preparing for his appeal.

I'm tired right now so the only joke I can think of off the top of my head is.

Q:  What do you call shit smeared all over your lawyer?

A:  Identification.

 Ha Ha.  Feel free to add your own in comments section.

(With apologies to my brother The Conservatarian and my dear late father.  Fine attorneys, both.)

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