Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shut up and sing...Sting.

Example #9874 of why entertainers should just entertain.

When asked about our Beloved President.

"In many ways he's sent from God."  Sayeth the Stingster.


Sting.  Looking very bearded and intellectual and wise and shit.


  1. Somehow I thought the Stink post would be a good fit for this bit of bizarreness.

  2. Looking at the latest incarnation of Stink, I think he may be relying a bit too heavily on the brown beard dye. I don't quite know which "Papa" look he was going for, Tevye or Ernest. He is either a schmuck or an asshole. Oh well I guess either will do...

  3. He looks to me like a junior high school teacher that has been warned to stay away from the children.