Sunday, October 18, 2009

Died on this date:

Jon-Erik Hexum
Actor/Male Model
Nov. 5, 1957-Oct. 18, 1984
(Age 26)

 I'm not drawing any conclusions but when I was googling 
for photos of this guy a ton of gay websites came up.

Here's a blast from the past, in a manner of speaking.  Jon-Erik Hexum was an up and coming pretty boy cum TV actor in the 80's.  He finally landed a starring role on an action series titled Cover Up.  Sadly, it would be his last.

It's perhaps an unfair truism that extraordinarily good looking people usually don't have much in the way of smarts.  Unfortunately, Jon-Erik lived up to the stereotype by fooling around with a prop firearm loaded with blanks, putting it to his head, pulling the trigger which drove the paper wadding and a piece of his skull into his brain.  After six days on life support Jon-Erik Hexum was declared brain dead.  His organs were harvested, donated and his remains cremated and scattered.  A truly selfless gesture by his family that we should all think about.

Lesson learned:  Number one rule of firearm safety.  All guns are always loaded.  Treat them as such.

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  1. Re firearms lesson: This demonstrates that sometimes a fake gun is more dangerous than a real one, because the gun handler will respect a real gun.