Friday, October 16, 2009

OK, maybe some Sharia law has its good points (tee hee).

Or: This is what happens when men are in charge of a religion with no input from women.

The (UK) Times online has a story that will be filling up visa offices with guys wanting to go to Somalia and convert to Islam.

"Down with that top, girl."  
It's the law.  Sharia law.  

A hardline insurgent group in Somalia by the name of Al Shabaab (at first I thought that was some dude's name) are rounding up women with a "firm bust."  The guys then get to check if the firmness is natural.  If the women are found to be wearing a bra they then have to remove it and shake their titties for the mens so the firmness can be checked out up close and personal.  Ohhhhh! Yeaaaahhhh!   The reasoning behind this -and I'm still trying to sort this one out- is that firm boobage is "deceptive."  I'll say.  It sure can be.  You go home with some foxy doxy after a few belts at the watering hole.  Things start getting hot and heavy, off the comes the boulder holder and....yow!!! her nipples are grazing her kneecaps.  Damn!! You've been deceived.  (But ya' go ahead anyway, don't ya'?)

They also whip men if they are caught on the street without a beard.  Sounds kind of gay, doesn't it.  Serves you right for not having a beard.  (Heh heh, get it?)

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