Saturday, October 10, 2009

And you thought that Obama was a complete humorless tool.

Hang on a minute, mate.  I think I got a marble in me eye.

This story has been bubbling around for awhile.  Embattled British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is blind in one eye is rumored to be going completely blind.  Which, no matter what your politics, really sucks.

However, I was thinking that in light of this (no pun intended) Obama's gift of the Greatest Films DVD set was not cheesy and clueless, but a very clever poke in the eye to the Brits.  (Sorry, there I go again.)  Everybody just knows that The Bamster really has it in for the Brits because of Kenya and his father and slavery and some such shit and who can keep track of it and it's all so complicated and confusing anyway.

Imagine.  You got a guy that's going blind and you give him a 50 movie set of DVD's.  Hahahahahahaha!  Gordon Brown.  Dude, you just got punk'd.

I didn't think that Obambi had it in him, comedy-wise.  So Baracky, my hat's off to ya'.

As a matter of fact, I nominate you for the Nobel Prize for Ball Busting An Ally.

    I should have realized the sly sense of presidential 
juvenile humor potential with the slick
 pretend-I'm-scratching-my-lip flip off. 
 I used to do this to my teachers in high school.

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