Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Most ridiculous story of the day...I shit you not.


Airline asks passengers to use the toilet before boarding...
so they will weigh less and help cut carbon emissions

For those of you that are not yet convinced that the global warming (or climate change or climate stability, or whatever they're calling it this week) crowd has completely lost their minds please read this and see the future.  

Can they possibly believe having everyone take a piss before getting on the plane is going to significantly, or even marginally cut back on carbon emissions?  Or is this some marketing ploy so liberal weenies can feel all good about themselves and fly All Nippon Airways? 

How about when I have to take a leak during the flight?  Are they going to open the window for me?  What about poo poo?  You want to talk about weighty bodily waste.   Maybe they should hold the plane until everyone is totally empty.   Believe me, in the morning after a good rib eye dinner, I can give birth to about a three pound shadooky.  Now that is a big brown carbon footprint. 
Come on, people.  Let's get behind this movement (tee hee).  We can save the planet one turd at a time.  Si Si Puedo!  

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  1. I was in Canada last week and watched the local news flacks making major fun of this proposal. Good for them. A dash of common sense in the newsroom.