Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some this and that.

Sorry about the light posting lately.  Busy at my real job, not to mention the fact that all the happenings in the world are either depressing (healthcare, Russia, politics in general) or not that exciting (kids that don't end up floating away in balloons-boy, that was two hours wasted-and nutty people pretending to be lottery winners causing riots by promising to buy stuff for people in a store).

Even the celebrity craziness has been pretty mundane.  Some whackjob lived up to his name and whacked singer Leona Lewis upside the head for no apparent reason while she was signing copies of her autobiography.  This happened in London and the assailant was a Brit so the assumption can be made that some kind of alcohol was involved.  I think I've heard one song of hers.  I'm not crazy about her music but it doesn't bother me enough to queue up just to punch her out.   Maybe the guy was made crazy by the fact that some 24 year olds are audacious enough to write autobiographies.

According to People Magazine Jon & Kate plus 8 is going to be kaputski after November.  The stated reason is that Jon doesn't want his kids traumatized by the filming of their maladjusted lives anymore.   At least now the little tots can go through the normal trauma of parental divorce like being introduced to some barely legal strumpet as "your new mommy" every two weeks by their vag-o-holic father and being verbally abused by their possum haired "Mommie Dearest" without having to watch it in reruns for the rest of their lives.  One can only imagine the shit storm that life will be for the Gosselin kiddies when the cameras go away.   I hope they work things out.  I'm really gonna miss this train wreck.

Rush Limbaugh wanted to buy in on a football team, the something-something Rams, I think.  Sorry.  I don't follow sports.  This was shot down in less than a week because the usual suspects said he was a racist.  The usual suspects being, of course,  Al "White Interlopers" Sharpton and Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson.  Takes one to know one, I reckon.   After they got the ball rolling, the rest of the race hustling industry started piling on like it was one endless loop out of a clown car.  Apropos, since when the race card gets played it always becomes a circus.  This time they even made up stuff that Rush never said, and the media couldn't be bothered to check.  Hmmm, fancy that.  The spineless NFL and the consortium of no-balls investors quickly threw Rush under the bus as the current phraseology goes, leaving El Rushbo with nothing but his fame, his fans and his gazillions of dollars.  You know what, Rush?  Fuck 'em.

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