Saturday, October 17, 2009

Damn...must have been an all white jury.

Hampton University is a predominantly black college in Hampton, Virginia.  Well, the other night they had their annual beauty pageant and the winner, Nickole Churchill was crowned.  She is beautiful, willowy and...uh-oh...a Pallor-American.  First time that's happened since, well...uh...never.  But hey, this is the post racial America of Barack Obama so everybody cool wit dat, right?  Ehhh...not so much.  First of all there were complaints that she went to the satellite campus and not the main campus.  Yeah, that's it.  She's a carpetbagger.  Oh my, that's perhaps an unfortunate turn of phrase.  I'll at least give a pat on the back to the few honest students that actually said, "Hey, she's not black!"

Check out the expressions on the two chicks on the right.  
Priceless.  That's the look of two sistah's that 
caught their boyfriends at da' club 
tucking dollar bills in the panties of white strippers. 

Miss Churchill, instead of just letting things blow over for awhile, compounded the fuckery of the situation by writing a letter to The Dear President hisself.  You gotta read it.  It's hysterical.   You sure can tell she's a product of the modern university.  She wants Baracky to come to Hampton University so he can help her make the campus all that it can be in a beautiful hopey-changey mosaic of multicultural unicorns lying down with the lambs and the lions.  The one thing she and Obama do seem to share are egos the size of Montana.  No word yet on whether Nikole has received an answer, although I get the feeling The Bamster is more interested in power than poon.  Too bad the ever priapic Bill Clinton isn't still our president.  Can you imagine if Saturday Night Bill had received that letter from smokin' hot beauty queen Nikole?  He would have been at her dorm room in about 10 minutes.  Nikole has since apologized for sending a letter filled with such whiny pretentiousness.

Whiny pretentiousness?  Give it some time, Nikole.  There's sure to be a spot in the Obama administration for you somewhere.

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