Saturday, October 3, 2009

A gun and a dead 'gator...a liberal nightmare twofer.

Yahoo, Mama.  We got 'gator for supper tonight.   
And make yourself a pair of shoes 
and a handbag while you're at it. 

This here little lad is 5 year old Simon Hughes and that prehistoric monster next to him is an 800 pound alligator.  When that there 'gator showed up at the end of his fishing line Lil' Simon picked up his single shot .410 gauge shotgun and shot that sucker right in the eye and kilt him dead.   I suggest that PETA and the gun grabbers stay away from Lil' Simon.  God, I love Texas.

Story and video here.  Hear Simon talk about the 'gator doing the "death roll."  Priceless.

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