Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ladies...ladies...please. You're supposed to be better than us.

Panty party, Ladette Style.

Another in a series of articles on the Decline and Fall of the British Empire.  Here and here.  A few years ago "Yob" culture was being decried as the end of civilization as we know it, Brit Version.  Well, the girls are not to be outdone and are bringing their own brand of inebriated skankitude to Limeyland.  Our friends across the pond are calling it "Ladette" culture.   Oh well, girls will be boys.

I hate to say it but there is something kind of sexy
 about this pile of half-dressed, drunken broads.

Theories abound.  Women are more independent, making their own money, they want to keep up with their male colleagues' after work sloshing, etc.  If you ask me my theory would be is that Great Britain has become such a socialist nanny state that any sense of personal responsibility has gone straight down the crapper.  In my view socialism breeds a quiet inner feeling of hopelessness.  You have a vague sense that you don't control your own destiny-so fuck it...let's get shitfaced.  Making things worse is Britain's deeply ingrained affinity for booze.  God, you should have seen some of the British musicians I used to work and hang out with.   World class dipsomaniacs, the lot of them.

Two more young lovelies on their way 
home from the Debutante Ball

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