Friday, October 23, 2009

The Passing of a Boomer TV Icon.

Soupy Sales
Funny Man
Jan. 8, 1926-Oct. 22, 2009
(Age 83)

Soupy with two of his favorite characters.  
 Pookie the Lion and Hippie the Hippo.
Soupy Sales, real name Milton Supman, taught the boomer generation of kids what was funny,  Mainly corny jokes, puns and pies in the face.  He would also joke with the camera crew and constantly break the fourth wall.  Soupy was not your average kid show.  My brother and I would watch him every day after school along with the Three Stooges marathons.  My mother was thrilled by the constant re-enactments of the shows up until dinnertime.  We loved all the characters.  Pookie the Lion, Hippie the Hippo, White Fang, Black Tooth, and Soupy's girlfriend Peaches (played by Soupy himself in a blonde wig).  Funny, Funny stuff.  Good times, great memories.  
Comprehensive obituary from the LA Times here. 
I'm hoping that when Soupy got to heaven God hit him in the face with a big celestial pie.  Soupy would have felt right at home. 

From complications of cancer.

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