Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Carrie Prejean Boobage Defense Fund. It should be tax deductible.

The lovely Miss Carrie Prejean.  
We'll use any excuse to run this picture.  

Carrie Prejean is managing to keep her 15 minutes of fame going with lawsuits and counter-suits.  The latest story is here.  In all of the legal mumbo-jumbo the only thing that interests us here at The Funeral Guy is the fate of Miss Carrie's breast implants.  The pageant folks want the $5200 back that they coughed up for Carrie's lithe, shapely little form.  Now that's a jury I want to be picked for.  Make me the foreman so I get to say, "We find for the defendant Miss Prejean and order the plaintiff to upgrade her to a D-cup."  Bang gavel down.  "Can the foreman get a table dance?"

The whole Carrie Prejean kerfuffle was good enough to fill up the spring and summer spots of dead air but was the definition of more heat than light.  I don't lose a lot of sleep over gays wanting to marry each other.  When I have a vote, I vote no, but that's mostly because I get contrary when I feel that somebody's trying to shove something down my throat.  (So to speak.)

I'd also like to go on record by saying that if you're going to have beauty pageants you should do away with the evening gowns and the dopey questions.  Keep the bathing suits and perhaps add a separate category for lingerie and bondage gear.

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