Saturday, December 26, 2009

Update: A Christmas Story with the Sheen Family.

Charlie Sheen who apparently likes his brides a little on the crazy side, may actually be the saner party in the Sheen Christmas Family Fracas.  It turns out that Mrs. Sheen blew a .13 on the Booze-O-Meter while hubby Charlie came in at a respectable .04.  Let's remember that these alcohol readings were at 8:00 AM Christmas morning and that the Sheens have a couple of twin tots.  Nice.

Brooke Mueller Sheen.
Yep.  This is the kind of mistake 
drunk moms make all the time.

Brooke reportedly tried to recant her story of woe and drunken cruelty by her husband, but once the cops are involved all bets are off.  The next court appearance of the hapless Mr. Sheen will be February 8.

Maybe next year the Sheens should celebrate Festivus instead where the airing of grievances are part of the tradition.

Update:  My bro' The Conservatarian pointed out my error in Charlie's BAC.  It's .04 not .4 (since corrected).   I plead tiredness and also that Brandy, my fact checker, was working her Saturday night shift on the pole at Snookie's Gentlemen Club.  A .4 reading would have been in The Funeral Guy range after a show in the 70's.  


  1. The whole domestic violence system -- driven by well meaning do-gooder laws -- is filled with evil and unintended consequences. The system assumes that whoever calls first is telling the truth. If a lying first-caller spouse recants, the system assumes that the recanting is the lie.

    Normally, the man becomes the victim of the system, because men are more likely to macho it up when a spouse strikes them. (Of course there are times, probably the majority, when the first caller is in fact the victim.)

    The system is terribly broken. Mr. Sheen is no one's poster boy for Mr. Perfect, but this time is sounds as if he is the victim. The whole domestic abuse thing is an example of too much government intervention in private affairs. Assaults were already illegal before domestic violence came to be treated as a special case.

  2. Anyone see the facial resemblance Mrs. Sheen has to Charlie in this photo or have I been smoking too much thai stick?

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