Saturday, December 5, 2009

Died on this date:

Richard Franklin Speck
Mass Murderer
Dec. 6, 1941-Dec. 5, 1991
(Age 49)

On the night of July 13, 1966 Richard Speck, a drunken, pill-popping, criminal loser entered a dormitory for student nurses in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood of Chicago.  Holding eight girls hostage he systematically led them one by one into another room where he either strangled or stabbed them to death.  The last victim was also raped before being strangled.  One nurse escaped death by hiding under the bed.  After a half hearted suicide attempt, Speck was arrested, tried and sentenced to death.  In 1971 when the United States Supreme Court briefly found the death penalty unconstitutional Speck was spared and re-sentenced to 400-1200 years in prison.

What makes the Richard Speck case even more bizarre is the prison video that surfaced in 1996 five years after his death.  The video, which was played before the Illinois State Legislature during arguments for the death penalty, showed Speck with hormonally enhanced breasts, sitting around in silk underpants,  snorting coke with another prisoner, while laughing about his crimes.  Then, just to put the icing on this perverted little cake, Speck gives the other prisoner a blow job.

From a heart attack.

Wikipedia has an extensive overview of Speck's life and crimes.  This was one sick puppy.

Here is the video.  The weird stuff starts at around 2:08.  Don't worry, they spare you the blow job.

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