Monday, December 7, 2009

Even a guy like Tiger Woods is going to bogie a hole every once in a while.

They'll be a whole lot of talk about Mindy Lawton after more people get a load of her lengthy Penthouse letter of a story in the UK News of the World.   ("I never thought this kind of thing would happen to me...")

Mindy Lawton.
Rumor has it she was also a groupie for Lynard Skynard.

I suggest you read the whole thing but the gist of it is nasty, grinding, furtive, hot, rough, hair-pulling sexy times.  After a week and a half of looking at the sexy little numbers on the Tiger Woods hot banging playlist, I'm afraid I gotta mark Mindy down as a closest-donut-on-the-platter fuck. (She was waitressing near his mansion.)   Guys?  Can we agree we've all been pretty knocked out by the consistent hotness laced with that perfect whiff of skankitude on display with the bevy of beaver in the Tiger harem?  I don't wish to be unkind but I would bet that Tiger wasn't the first customer Mindy's had a quickie knee-trembler with up against a car in the parking lot.  On the other hand, I do give points for waitress sex.  In my rock and roll days I had a hashish loaded one-nighter with a White Castle carhop.  The smell of steaming onions never fails to bring back the foggy, sweet memory.

Mindy sounds a little upset that she didn't become Mrs. Woods the Second, but good sport that she is she does give him props for being well-endowed and a hot fuck.  Good free advertising for the future adventures of the Woodster.  When I played club gigs I used to sneak into the ladies room and write those same words on the toilet stalls with my hotel and room number.

Bonus question:  What is the unvarying constant in Tiger's choice of women?
If you need a hint, ask a "Sistah".

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to see who else has made the list.

h/t tbird

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