Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Well duh.

When it comes to curiosity about the fair sex men start early.  


All men watch porn, scientists find.

Researchers at the University of Montreal were trying to conduct a study on the views of non-porn watching men in their 20's to their bleary-eyed peers with the sore foreskins.  Uh-oh.  FAIL.  They couldn't find any men who didn't indulge in at least some prurient smut.   Since this was a youngish crowd around 90% of the porn was of the online variety.

And variety is the name of the game with us isn't it guys?  Hard wired and a constant battle. (See Woods, Tiger.)  The good news for women is that the scientists found that none of the men were negatively affected in their sexuality by what they watched.  As a matter of fact, men usually only watch pornography that reinforces what they already like and discard stuff that they find offensive or distasteful.  The mens' relationships with their female partners were also not affected.

So basically, the Canadian taxpayer paid for a study to find that men watch porn because they like to see women all naked and doing sex stuff.  Whew,  I'm glad we got that one clarified.

See, Mrs. Funeral Guy.  It's science.

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