Friday, December 18, 2009

Tiger Woods. Looks like it's gonna be a blue, blue Christmas.

Now that the tsunami of tramps has slowed to a babbling bimbo brook, we can now condense our extensive Tiger coverage as events warrant.

Tiger's Cougar.

Get a load of this one.  (We only need a few more hussies to come forward and we'll have a complete round of 18 holes.)  Theresa Rogers, 48, claims she taught Tiger everything he knows about how to please the ladies.  By the looks of her I'm guessing she taught a young Arnold Palmer the same things.

For you youngsters that may not be aware
this is what porn stars from the 80's looked like.

Hitting Golf Balls at Night.

Tiger Woods shown holding the actual house where
 he'll be living after his wife, Elin, takes him to the cleaners. 

We're starting to hear sad tales of Tiger Woods sitting around watching cartoons and eating cereal, just like any other bum whose wife has left him.  Except he's got a gazillion dollars and is watching cartoons on a 25 foot TV and eating gold plated cereal with diamond clusters.  Then when things get too lonely and depressing he reportedly heads out to hit some golf balls in the dark of night.  In other words, finally doing what he probably told his wife he was doing when he was actually out banging whores.

 Tiger waving to his fans.

Jaimee Grubbs files for an extension of her 15 minutes.

Jaimee Grubbs, the most unfortunately named floozy in Tiger's Poon Parade, will be baring (almost) all in the pages of Maxim magazine.  Wowee, Jaimee Grubbs in her bra and panties.  Since we've already seen her in 4000 bikini poses this should be a big yawn.  For those of you not in the know, Maxim considers itself a higher shelf stroke book because the women don't show cooch or nipples and it has articles.  Or as men call it.  Boring.

 Jaimee Grubbs who is not going to show us anything 
we haven't seen a million times by now.

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