Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She's got a name and a picture so she gets added to the Tiger Woods sniz list.

Other sites have the tally at 11 (3 unidentifieds) while we have her as #8 because The Funeral Guy does not give credence to the "unidentifieds" and the "un-photographed".  Mainly because what's the fun in that?  If you want to make the list identify yourself and please supply the media a salacious picture.

Okey-dokey?  On with the show.  And heeeeeeeere she is.  IT'S ANOTHER PORN STAR!

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Meet Joslyn James.  My trusty search engines for these kinds of things shows me that Joslyn is pretty much an anything goes kind of gal.  Backdoor, DP's, interracial (duh!) the whole shebang (Tee hee).   She also has horrible tattoos and breast implants the size of dirigibles just like Holly Sampson.

Joslyn James. 
I wonder if Tiger got a spanking with that yardstick. 
Goodness knows he needs one. 

If all this is true (and the undentifieds become identified) I don't see how Tiger survives.  I don't mean his career, I mean his life.  The pancake house waitress, Whatshername, (who can even keep track anymore?) says that Bone Daddy Woods never ever- as in not even once- used a condom.  If that was the case with all these tramps then Tiger most likely has a virulent septic sewer in his pants.  If Elin decides to keep the mansion I know some good crime scene biohazard clean-up crews that should be able to get all the microbes and pathogens out of the house in about a month.

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