Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For god's sake, don't show this story to Elin Woods.

When a man gets angry at his significant other and I mean really, really pissed off, he might smack her in the face.  Or stab her.  Or shoot her even.  Do I really have to say that I don't condone any of this stuff?  But some women when they get mad.  They go straight for the love noodle.  I've never heard of a jealous guy putting glue in his lover's vagina.

Najini Narayan.  Ugly as a mud fence.  
Men of Australia BOLO
If seen with lighter fluid and a Bic

Here is the latest member of the Cult of Lorena Bobbitt.  Najini Narayan, put the torch to her husband Satish's genitals.  Well, she must have used a military grade flamethrower because not only did Satish expire from his burns a few weeks later, but the house burned down for good measure.  "I'm a jealous wife, his penis should belong to me.  I just wanted to burn his penis so it would belong to me and no one else...I didn't mean this to happen." explained the batshit crazy spouse.  You just wanted it to belong to you?  As what?  A charred hot dog?  Then what were you going to do?  Put a little Neosporin on it then back to the love nest for sexy time?  Did I mention that this menace to male society is walking around out on bail?  

Najini is not the first to kill her victim in frenzy of joystick abuse.  Remember Bridget Harris?  She didn't want to kill her daddy either even though she cut off his johnson in revenge over alleged incest.  Oh well, its hard to make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, eh?

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