Thursday, December 10, 2009

When I went to high school all they wanted to teach you was boring shit like math and geopraphy.

The NY Daily News calls it "Horndog High."  Is it ever!  Hot on the high-heels of naked lesbian teacher sex in the classroom, James Madison High School has revealed it has another hot little minky on the payroll.

Allison Mussachio.  
Educator and molder of 
hormonal young minds.

Allison Mussachio (Mmmmm, Greek broads) has allegedly had "inappropriate" contact with two male students and now joins steamy lesbos Cindy Mauro and Alini Brtio in the school district chokey which is ironically called the "Rubber Room."*  You gotta love this quote from Allison's (unnamed) boyfriend, "I try to stay out of her business, I just know she's a teacher here in Brooklyn.  She's a good person.  This is a total shock to me.  She keeps herself to herself."  Spoken like a man born to be a clueless cuckold.  There is also no truth to the rumor that a man looking suspiciously like Tiger Woods has been caught lurking around the school trying to get into the Teacher's Lounge.

Godammit.  I want to live my life backward.  You know, like Benjamin Button.  I would probably be just about high school age right now.  Damn, that'd be sweet.

* The Rubber Room is the infamous holding tank for teachers that are either shitty teachers, criminal suspects, perverts, and other human detritus of the New York City education system.  Due to tenure and union protections they can't be fired without a hearing, but the process is so backlogged that they just put these professors of loserdom in a room where they do nothing all day but get paid for it.  There are reportedly hundreds of NYC teachers taking up space there.

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