Saturday, December 5, 2009

A man who will never have the nickname "Lucky".

I always thought that Asians were aces at math, but by all accounts Terrance Watanabe was sleeping on his desk when they taught that alcohol plus a gambling addiction multiplied by pain medications equals a 127 million dollar debt and a shitload of trouble.

Terrance Watanabe.
Monumental Dumbass. 

Terrance is what is known in the gambling industry as a whale.  A whale is defined as a shitty gambler with a lot of money to drop at the tables.  Watanabe got comped to rooms, private jets, meals, and personal assistants (which I'm assuming means whores).  By keeping Watanabe at the tables, Caesar's Palace and the Rio beat Terrance out of a cool 127 million.  An astonishing 5.6% of the casinos total take in 2007.  How did Mr. Watanabe get the kind of money for this kind of lifestyle?  He took over his family's novelty business and made quite the success of it, that's how.  The novelty business.  You know all those cheap-o plastic trinkets that your kid brings home from the elementary school fair?  He sells that stuff.  My daughter is in college and I swear I'm still finding those little black and orange spiders in the house.

Las Vegas takes their money very seriously and Harrah's Corp. has filed four felony counts against Watanabe for theft and intent to defraud for 14.7 million in credit that he refuses to pay back.  So instead of manning up and figuring out a way to pay what he owes what does Terrance do?  He files a lawsuit against the casinos claiming he was plied with alcohol and encouraged in his compulsive gambling.  Of course he does, it's the American Way.  I'm not responsible says Mr. Watanabe, somebody else must pay.  Would it surprise you to find out that he is a big donor to the Democratic National Committee?  Nope, me neither.

Terrance Watanabe is a whining piece of shit and a deadbeat.  I don't care if he was given hand jobs at the blackjack table by the most beautiful chick in Vegas to encourage him to throw all his money away.  He chose to walk into the casino.  He chose to drink to excess.  He chose to accept all of the perks that the high rollers get.  And ultimately he chose to piss his money down the Las Vegas toilet.  I don't think anyone has ever successfully won one of these "I didn't know what I was doing" cases.  Watanabe isn't going to be the first.

For some strange reason, gambling is the one and only vice that passed me by.  I never could understand throwing good money away that could be better spent on broads, whiskey and blow.

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