Saturday, December 5, 2009

Music world stunned as Rolling Stones guitarist has trouble in his storybook romance with new girlfriend.

Ekaterina Ivanova.  
Ah, to be a rock star.  
Even a one foot in the grave rock star.
No wonder Ronnie's last name is Wood.

Ronnie Wood, 62,  the second most decrepit looking member of the Rolling Stones has found himself in the tabs and not in a good way.  The good news for Ronnie is that he's been throwing the viagra enhanced bone to a hot little 20 year-old Russian girlfriend by the name of Ekaterina Ivanova.  The bad news is that she apparently has trouble understanding the dynamics of being with a rock legend so Ronnie had to strangle her out in the street and drag her around by the hair.  The Bobbies came and took Ron away to the chokey (so to speak).

Ekaterina has been boo-hooing to friends that Ronnie has told her to pack her shit and get out.  What a choice.  Bang a cadaverous guitarist or hie thee back to the deprivations of Ol' Mother Russia.

No word about what the fight was all about but considering Ronnie's constant bouts with alcohol it's possible he became inflamed with jealousy after hallucinating that Ekaterina was having an orgy with a roomful of pink elephants.

Ron and Ekaterina in happier (and probably more sober) times.

Ron sure gets around.
Here he is kissing Katy Perry.  Hubba hubba.

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