Monday, December 7, 2009

New Tiger Woods skank surfaces. This is really fun!

The new one is a porn star.  I give two boners-up for that.  I have her as #7, others are calling her #9.  I have other things to do today but I'll double check and get back to you.

Holly Sampson #7

At some point doesn't this start to get a little embarrassing for the Woods family?

Update:  OK.  I think it's seven. 
Rachel Uchitel-nightclub hostess 
Jaimee Grubbs-cocktail waitress/reality show skank
Kalika Moquin-Vegas nightclub marketing manager
Mindy Lawton-pancake house waitress
Jamie Junger-lingerie model
Cori Crist-nightclub crawler
Holly Sampson-porn star

Damn, dude.  Awesome.

Update: I just searched the usual places and saw Holly Sampson in performance.  Seems to specialize in MILF porn.  OK technique, but horrible, horrible bolt-on, cartoon-sized balloon breasts.  Yuck.   


  1. Mindy Lawton's story on TW tops them all:

  2. I saw that. It's really getting taking up a lot of time keeping track of this guy's sex life.