Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Moral preening on a monumental scale. (Rant of the day.)

And yes I know George Bush did this too.

Yes, I know that it's World's AIDS Day.  No, I don't hate People with AIDS (PWA's.  See I know the acronym) anymore than I hate breast cancer women, domestic violence victims or Earth Day.  (OK, well maybe I do hate Earth Day.)

What I hate are the stupid ribbons.  I really thought that we were done with this and truth be told I don't see them as much as I used to.  Good thing, that.  What I dislike is the symbolism of all these ribbons.  First of all, what are you saying when you wear a "cause" ribbon?  I CARE,  I REALLY, REALLY CARE.   : (  AND I HAVE THE SADS FOR PEOPLE AFFLICTED WITH (fill in the blank)  OK.  So what does that do for the people afflicted with whatever?  I'll tell you.  For them, nothing.  What you're doing is just walking around with your hand invisibly patting yourself on the back.  

If you care about a cause, give money or give time.  And don't advertise.  Charity is best done in secret.  It's better for your soul that way.

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