Monday, December 7, 2009

No mystery meat here at The Funeral Guy.

I've been somewhat perplexed by the exact number of doxies in Colonel Tiger's pussy platoon.  The list that I'm going with is the seven that I listed in this post.  I did notice that I was remiss by not posting a photo of the Vegas nightclub marketing manager Kalika Moquin.  Well here she is.

How could I have left her out? 
Look at those knockers.

The reason that the list gets as high as nine is because two are unnamed.

Unnamed Woman #1  A 26 year-old waitress from Ontario

Unnamed Woman #2  A London based broadcaster that the London Sun called a "cougar".

We at The Funeral Guy run a pretty tight ship.  No name.  No photo.  You're not on the list, Beeetches.

This is a serious story and we'll treat it as such.  (Tee hee.)

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