Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend.

Labor Day as a holiday came about slowly and was recognized nationally by 1894. The labor movement brought about much needed changes not only in law but attitudes on the relationship of employer and employee. That was a good thing. Unions started being a detriment to the country when the Mob began taking over private sector unions and when the government let public sector workers unionize. i.e. No market forces in the collective bargaining process when government is the employer. (I've commented on state government union workers here and here.)

Outside of a few parades in Democrat strongholds nobody really cares about Labor Day being anything more than a three day weekend and a chance to grill some burgers. The symbolic "end of summer" as they say. (For us funeral folks in Southern California summer ends somewhere around the middle of October when you can stand in a cemetery for more than five minutes without two pints of sweat puddling under your dark suit.)

Anyway, in honor of Labor Day I post this. Whatever your politics, it's a cool song. Read about Joe Hill here.

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