Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When I needs to get my drink on...I needs to get my drink on.

Check out these two jamokes.  Tina and Bryan Vannoy left their four month old tot in the backseat of their BMW while they continued to get shitfaced at the Reel Martini Bar in Omaha.   The bartenders got suspicious when they spotted the baby bottle that mom-of-the-year Tina brought into the bar.  It was also noted by the bartenders that the Vannoys were toasted when they arrived which means the sweet baboo was treated to a drunken Mr. Toads Wild Ride on the way to the tavern. The authorities were duly notified and the watering hole lost a couple of good customers.

Just 'cause ya got a beamer don't mean you ain't white trash. 
(Bryan's wonky eye is telling me his mom might be his sister.)

I'm wondering if perhaps we're being a little too judgmental of the Vannoys.  Maybe they're just part of the "free range kid" movement.  Sure, most of those folks wait until their kids are somewhat older and more cognitive before they start letting them explore the world without parental hovering, but at four months how much trouble can a kid get into anyway?

As long as the car door was locked, what's the problem?

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