Monday, September 28, 2009

Does Yom Kippur make for a slow news day? (Maybe the Jews do run everything. I really don't have to say I'm kidding, do I?)

The news today is excruciatingly boring.   President "Do Everything But Work" Obama is giant carbon footprinting off to Copenhagen to shill for his hometown of Chicago to get the 2016 Olympics.  Well, that's certainly more fun than having Ahmadinejad give you another atomic wedgie.

Oh yeah, Roman Polanski was arrested for skipping out of his sentencing on a 33 year old rape conviction.  He paid off the victim years ago and she says she just wants it all to go away so that's pretty much good enough for me.  We can still stipulate that he's a scumbag raper of adolescent girls, however.

 No deaths at work this weekend so in my boredom I've been surfing the interwebs and have come up with just about zilch.  Although I did find a good article on G-spot stimulation.  Nothing to comment about it except, look out, Mrs. Funeral Guy.

I did find this photo interesting.

This is Miss Dita Von Teese.  She is a retro ecdysiast.  That's an old school exotic dancer for you non-crossword puzzlers out there.  Anyway, what makes the photo interesting (outside of her lovely bosom, of course) is the ladylike way she is exiting the car.  Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears can't perform this same simple task without flashing their coochies for all the world to see.  And hey, if it's right there we'll look, won't we guys?

But Miss Dita, the stripper, can manage to get out of the vehicle looking as demure as Queen Elizabeth.  Bravo.

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