Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hey Mrs. Fashion Plate...does the word "inappropriate" ring a bell?

Here is our First Lady who we are told ad nauseum is polished, beautiful, and the epitome of all that is chic and fashionable.  And with such well-toned arms, no less!  The event that the President and Mrs. Clotheshorse are attending happens to be a posthumous Medal of Honor Ceremony.  You know, one of those events to honor a soldier that has laid down his life for his country.  Sorta like a Memorial Service or even kinda like a funeral.  While I'm not suggesting that Mrs. Obama needed to don a black veil and widow's weeds, this festive little frock with the green shoes seems just a tad inappropriate.  Or is it just me?

"After this boring ass thing is over,
 Barack and I are goin' out dancin'."

I have to admit because I direct funerals I'm probably a little more particular than most about what proper mourning attire may be.  You can always count on some deceased's granddaughter thinking that Nana's funeral is a good place to go whoring around in a tight black mini and crop top like she in 'da club.  All the better in case someone hasn't had a chance to admire her new tramp stamp.

I was doing one service and was trying to round up the pallbearers so I could give them their gloves and pin on their boutonnieres, when up walks this schlub.  He was the grandson of the deceased and, of course, was wearing a T-shirt.  (Ever try pinning a boutonniere on a T-shirt?)  Not just any T-shirt but one he picked up in Vegas.  I'm sure you've seen them.  A promo for some downscale casino with a picture of some zaftig broad on the front.  And the slogan?  Oh, what the heck...a picture's worth a thousand words.

Yes.  This T-shirt.  At a funeral.  A Catholic funeral.  For his grandmother.  And he's a pallbearer.  With white gloves and a carnation.

Oh well, I gotta say that at least color-wise it's a little more subtle than Michelle's dress.

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  1. can you please respect people with high status? you don not know President Obama's wife so don't call her on a first name basis! thanks