Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On second thought.

Yesterday I dashed off a post noting a couple of events in an otherwise slow news day.  In commenting about Roman Polanski I was rather flip about just letting the whole thing pass since the victim had been paid off and has no desire to see Polanski punished.

After reading and refreshing myself on the details of the crime I want to go on record that I'm all for extraditing Polanski to the US and going ahead with his long avoided punishment.  I must admit that my desire for justice ratcheted up a couple of notches after reading about the entertainment elite that are petitioning for Polanski's release. (Note the ironic touch of having Woody Allen on board as a signatory.  These people really do live on another planet.)  Read the plea transcript from The Smoking Gun.  Or this devastating reminder from Salon's Kate Harding of the sick perversity of the crime against -let's not forget- a 13 year old girl. I'd forgotten the details and they are sickening.  This wasn't a statutory rape because of the girl being underage.  This would have been a prosecutable rape if she'd been 31 years old instead of 13.

So, on further reflection, hang the cost, bring this shitbag home and let him face the music.  He should have taken his medicine 33 years ago when slap on the wrist celebrity justice was more the fashion.  It may have taken awhile but the audience for these farces have finally had enough.  So put him in the dock, sentence him, then let him share a cell with Phil Spector.  He can fill Roman in on the way it is now.

After all, he's been out of town for a while.

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  1. I did my blog post before reading this, but in it, I suggest that you would enjoy doing this guy's obit about now.