Saturday, September 26, 2009

Died on this date:

Robert Palmer
Jan. 19, 1949-Sept. 26, 2003
(Age 54)

Great Singer.  Snappy Dresser.

I became a big fan of Robert Palmer with the 1975 release of his second album on Island Records Pressure Drop.  I loved his voice, his style, and his whole slap-funk-reggae-blue eyed soul vibe. 

I saw him at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach in 1979.  Really cool venue.  3000 seater with no bad sight lines and great acoustics.  He killed and the girls went crazy over him.  (Being a great looking guy in a sharp suit didn't hurt.) The audience was not the usual rock crowd and the chicks were dressed to the nines.  Great show, good times.  

In my opinion he never got the acclaim that he deserved.  Robert Palmer died way too young at 54 from a heart attack.  

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Robert Palmer

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  1. Rest in peace, executive of my heart.

    His earlier albums were choice up to 'Pride' but too bad his talent fell off with 'Don't Explain' and he fell into that AC Rock rut later on.

    I hope one day the truth about his life is exposed for us fans that really believed in him. I don't really think it was as happy as he had led on, but he did enjoy creating an image for himself and had a bit of an eccentric Andy Kaufman thing going on. He liked to fool us and a lot were gullible enough to fall for it during the 'Riptide' and 'Heavy Nova' eras. One day I'd at least like to know about the pain that created his beautiful artwork. Love is pain. I'mma gonna pour a 40 ounce for my fallen boy.