Monday, September 14, 2009

News Flash...Kayne West is a major league asshole.

  Kayne West doing his best to attract fellow alien life forms 
by carving crop circles in his big stupid noggin.  

I know this story has been done to death but The Funeral Guy was busy dealing with the deaths that happened over the weekend, so just a few thoughts. 
First.  Can you imagine if some white rock and roll guy grabbed the mike out of, oh say, Beyonce's hand and started ranting about how Taylor Swift got screwed out of the award?  The "Reverend" Al Sharpton would have flown there on a Gulfstream g650 before the broadcast was over. 
Second.  If I was Taylor Swift's father I would take a lead pipe to the head of that ig'nant asswipe that shit all over my little girl's big moment. 
Third.  It's to the credit of the audience at the MTV Video Music Awards that they booed this astonishing display of juvenile look-at-me behavior.  (Even more since I would assume the majority of the people in attendance are narcissists of the first order.)  Nice spontaneous gesture to be sure.  They'll be kissing his ass by next week to work with him. 
Lastly.  Does MTV even air music videos anymore?

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