Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day trips for insane murderers. An idea whose time has come.

Phillip Arnold Paul. 
 One flew over the cuckoo's nest.  FOR REALS!!

Eastern State Hospital in Washington state seems to think that their patients, described in this story as "criminally insane", are good candidates for field trips to county fairs and such.  You know, kinda like the Make-A-Wish Foundation for homicidal maniacs.  Apparently, Phillip Arnold Paul (there's that three name murderer thing again) slipped off the balloon they had tied to his wrist and left his other psycho playmates at the fair and went off to parts unknown.  He's been the subject of a massive manhunt for the last two days.  Authorities are hoping they can catch him before his meds wear off and his mental state starts to get a little dicey.  We're with 'ya on that one, coppers.

And why was Phillip Arnold Paul in Eastern State Hospital, you say?  Good question.  He murdered an elderly woman in 1987 then soaked her in gasoline and buried her in her garden, that's all.  One person dead?  Small potatoes by today's standards, so off to the booby hatch for Mr. Paul.  What are ya?  One of those death penalty barbarians?

Come on.  Everybody needs a break.  What better place than the Spokane County fair.  It's not like he'd be around kids or families or old ladies or anything.

Update:  Monday September 21, 2009.  Mr. Paul has been captured about 200 miles away from where he escaped from the fair.  I'll assume he was hungry due to the fact that he probably ran out of corn dogs and funnel cakes 2 days ago.  

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