Friday, September 4, 2009

A lesson in life. America's youth to get a taste of the boring crap that flows from the mouths of politicians.

Put me down as a member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that couldn't care less that The Bamster is going to harangue the nation's youth on the first morning of school. I mean, he's the president. If he figures this is a good use of his time, well, that's his call not mine. My understanding is that he is going to talk for twenty minutes.

For those of you who are all twisted up about this take a moment to think. Think back to when you were a kid. First day back at school. Summer is over. Bummer time. You just found your new homeroom and got in your seat. Teacher turns on the TV and there is Dear Leader himself. After the novelty of "Hey, its Obama" wears off in about, oh...I don't know, 20 seconds, he's gonna be just another adult giving you a lecture about the usual bullshit all adults lecture you about. Stay in hard...don't do drugs...don't be a bully...reach for the can be whatever you set your mind to be...blah blahdaly blah blahdaly blah blah blah...(Cradle head on arm pillow, down on desk, ZZZZZZZZZZ.........) Bell rings, blank screen...sidle out the door....."hey, the new chick's cute....." On with your life.

The President? Like it never even happened.

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  1. To me the important thing is how far the President has sunk in the trust of ordinary Americans. Too many Americans don't trust the President to keep the talk statesmanlike and, uh, presidential.

    I agree he is most likely to bore the children. I am a political junkie and he bores me.