Wednesday, September 9, 2009

California Assemblyman caught with his "gland" in the "nookie" jar.

Mike "Numbnuts" Duvall.  Genius who never learned 
that all mikes are live.

While our California Legislature is busy running the productive out of the state with high taxes and onerous regulation they still find time to entertain us with a good old fashioned sex scandal.  This one stars Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall live on mike bragging to a colleague about his sexcapades (love that word!) with a couple of loosey goosey women.  One of the women is purported to be California Retailers Association lobbyist, Heidi Dejong Barsuglia.

There is a video of Dumbass Duvall on open mike, but frankly it's so bad I'm not going to bother to embed it. But here are some of the highlights:  He talks about his lady friend's "eyepatch panties" and how they did the sexy times so much one afternoon that she remarked how his baby batter was running out of her as she was walking up the stairs.  Ha! Ha!  Yucko!  To top it all off, he brings up spanking her and how much he likes it. The usual cliche about her "being such a bad girl" also makes an appearance.  Whoo Whoo!!!  Did I mention that Mike Duvall is a family values spouting, Chamber of Commerce kind of guy with a wife and kids?  God, my sides are splitting.  KCAL 9 reports that according to an unnamed source that the two broads are both married lobbyists.

Heidi Barsuglia.  
Would you do her if she threw in
 a spanking session?  Oh, Yeeeeaaaahhh!

In his resignation statement Old "Hot to Trot" Mike basically said that he regretted that his lobbyist fucking was distracting from the business of fucking the taxpayer so with great sadness he was stepping down.

No wonder this state is heading down the shithole at warp speed.  You can't keep the Dems off the taxpayers wallet and you can't keep the Repubs off the lobbyist pussy.

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