Saturday, September 12, 2009

There must be something in the air. Another bizarre sex crime.

Presumably in an attempt to steal the thunder of the son raping mom, suspect Brian Parks, was arrested for a sexual assault on a man in a wheelchair.  The crime took place in the restroom of a Tredyffrin, PA supermarket.  (Taking advantage of the large handicapped stall I would suspect.)  Police are confident that Parks, arrested at a local homeless shelter, is the perp.

Yup.  That's him alright.  
Can we expand the death penalty to include this guy?

In a stunning display of moral vacuity, Mr. Parks remarked to reporters as he was being led away: "Find yourself some real crime to deal with."

Dude.  If homosexually raping a defenseless handicapped man in a wheelchair is not an example of a real crime, it sure as hell will do until a real crime comes along.

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