Sunday, September 6, 2009

A fun read for a lazy weekend.

I'm a big fan of Joe Queenan. He has a great piece in the Wall Street Journal today where he reviews our dismal summer. You should read it.

I also recommend his memoir, Closing Time.


  1. I fail to see why this guy's life story would be of interest to anyone. A 300+ page memoir by a relatively unknown freelance writer? The guy makes a living trashing others as far as I can tell.
    Up from the gutter/mean old daddy, blah,blah,blah. Just look at the picture of the jerk. Not a born snob, but a poseur who merely aspires to be one.
    Angry Funeral Guy, take note:
    The guy is a boor and you are an imbecile.


  2. I appreciate the comment. I did find him a bit unforgiving towards his father, but I do enjoy his acerbic style. As to my being an imbecile I assure you I've been called worse. Thanks for visiting. Tell your friends.